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EIR Response Templates

Below, we have 4 categories of templates (Alternatives, Regional Plans, General, and Project Specific), each containing multiple templates with 5-6 questions or statements concerning the Environmental Impact Report (EIR). You can choose to click on a template, add your name and address at the bottom, and hit send to submit your response to the City of Riverside Planning Department. You can send one response or multiple responses, and you are encouraged to modify any of the templates to reflect your concerns or comments better. Each unique question or comment on the EIR must be answered by the Planning Department. All the templates combined contain a total of 276 questions and comments on the EIR, providing a comprehensive review and feedback mechanism for the proposed project.

Alternative Projects

Project Specific - Traffic, Parks, Parking, Population

General - Future Generations, Utilities, Views, Vehicles, Objectives, Aesthetics, Design Review

Regional Plan, Regulations, ALUC, Zoning

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