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November 1, 2023

Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

DATE: 11/1/2023


Brian Kerr

Lewis Allen

Gale Schulte

Don Schulte

Loren Dean

Mike Vahl

John Farnsworth

Harminder Gill

Bill Clark

Ana Clark

Jay Dyer

Cathy Zmudka

Mike McCarthy

David Drexler

Roylene Scott


Topics discussed

  1. Accurate minutes, AI system, redistricting, city council (00:00:03 - 02:08:04)
    The meeting's attendees discussed various topics, including redistricting, and the meeting with the water district regarding buying water from the city of Riverside. Concerns were raised about the lack of transparency in the city council and the absence of the release of the Racial Polarized Voting Report on redistricting. Other topics discussed were the condition of fire hydrants, the resignation of the register of voters, attendance at the Citizens Police Academy, and participation in community emergency response training. The transcript also mentioned pressure from Edison to approve the construction of overhead power lines, frustration with the lack of transparency and willingness to answer questions from city officials and the proposed Kmart apartment complex development. The importance of community engagement and advocacy in city planning and decision-making processes was emphasized. Discussions also covered topics like solar panels, charging stations, utilities, and the water district's operations. The transcript also touched on the organization's finances, efforts to raise awareness, plans for a holiday gathering, and advertising opportunities for local businesses. There was also a mention of a schedule change for the upcoming year. The transcript discussed the possibility of moving  meetings to a Wednesday, assistance with selling ads on the association website, misinformation about a development project, applying for city grants, and openings on City Committees and Commissions. Discussions also included the creation of bylaws for the group, differentiation between voting and non-voting members, electronic voting, inclusion of local businesses, leadership board size and structure, term limits, removal of board members, and the review of bylaws annually. Finally, the transcript discussed the formation and structure of a leadership board, including the suggestion of having nine fixed members for the first three years and rotating some members afterward. The process of electing officers, vacancies, and the importance of consistent leadership during the formation period were also discussed.

  2. Forum, drug board members, leadership board meeting, regular meeting, court, community, organization, bylaws, committee, chair, board, amendment, bylaws amendment, annual meeting, email addresses, shared Google document, future speakers, city manager, city council meetings, general plan, homeless coordinator, care court system, mental health issues, conservatorship, court system, grant, food sustainability, UCR program, water regulations, Candy Crush Shopping Center, airport plan, business deals, fees, farm life, cattle (02:08:13 - 02:27:23)
    There is also mention of amending the bylaws and the possibility of inviting guest speakers to future meetings. The conversation touches on various topics, including homelessness, mental health, growing food, and the future plans. Overall, the group emphasizes the importance of their current actions.

  3. Former Kmart, community engagement, emotional topics, public interest (02:27:25 - 02:30:08)
    The speaker emphasizes the need to constantly engage the community by planning and discussing emotional topics during meetings. They suggest finding speakers to talk about these topics and mentioning their encounters with individuals at other events. They mention attending police events and the complexity of police work. The importance of keeping the community engaged and continuing to learn is reiterated. The speaker concludes by stating that maintaining a balance and keeping up the engagement is crucial.

  4. Elections, City Council, Candidates, Presentations (02:30:08 - 02:39:31)
    The transcript discusses various topics, including the absence of Ward Two and Ward Four, the plan to invite the mayor and city council to a meeting, the importance of asking meaningful questions to politicians, potential topics for future presentations, consideration of organizing a gun safety event, information on a clothing drive to raise money, and the suggestion of hosting a shredding party.



Potential actions

  • Find another attorney to assist with the redistricting issue. [1][2][3]

  • Follow up with the water district to reschedule the meeting and gather information about water supply and pricing. [4][5][6]

  • Reach out to the register of voters to determine if they will send a speaker for the November meeting or make alternate arrangements. [7][8][9]

  • Continue attending the Citizens Police Academy and Community Emergency Response Training for potential future speakers. [10][11]

  • Monitor the progress of the underground wiring project and gather updated information on costs and efficiency. [12][13][14]

  • Add a restriction that requires members of the leadership board to be present at regular meetings to prevent potential issues with rewriting the bylaws. [15][16][17]

  • Clarify the process for committee formation and appointment of committee members, considering whether the chair or the board should handle it. [18][19][20]

  • Consider amending the bylaws once a year at the annual meeting instead of multiple times throughout the year. [21][22]

  • Invite relevant speakers to future meetings, including the homeless coordinator, city planner, and individuals knowledgeable about the new care court system and growing one's own food. [23][24]

  • Research and contact individuals or organizations to discuss the vision and future plans for Candy Crush Shopping Center, as well as the airport for the next 20 years. [25]

  • Determine and invite speakers to address popular and emotional topics at future meetings. [26]

  • Schedule and coordinate speaking engagements to maintain public interest and momentum. [27][28]

  • Continuously seek out individuals with expertise and experiences to speak to the group. [29][30]

  • Attend police training to gather new information and insights. [31]

  • Maintain engagement and continuously offer opportunities for members to learn and stay involved. [32][33]

  • Invite the mayor and city council to a meeting to discuss the five key things that can be addressed. [34][35]

  • Determine the questions to ask the candidates during the meeting. [36]

  • Arrange for presentations from various speakers, such as the homeless city planner, UCR Master Gardener, Tops Farm, Michelle Ruben in Mission Grove, Grace Martin MJPA, and the city manager. [37][38]

  • Schedule a presentation with the cert trainer in the E MD and the register of voters. [39]

  • Consider organizing a gun safety presentation and a shredding party as fundraising events. [40][41][42]

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