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November 14, 2023 - MGNA Meeting Summary

The MGNA group gathered on November 14, 2023 for a meeting to discuss various topics including the Kmart project, emergency management, and the upcoming elections in Riverside County. The meeting focused on community preparedness, alternative development projects, and the need for more involvement from the residents. The importance of gathering community input and conducting research was emphasized. Other topics such as voting integrity and earthquake preparedness were also discussed. The meeting highlighted the need for community action and encouraged people to join the group and spread awareness. The RNOW group meeting regarding opposing warehouses and a park settlement agreement was mentioned.


Topics discussed

  1. group, meeting, speakers, Kmart project (00:00:02 - 00:01:58)
    "We have a large group of over 100 people tonight. We thank everyone for coming. We have a big night planned with several speakers and discussing the Kmart project. We want your comments on the Kmart  presentation from the October meeting. Some people were not at the presentation, and can review it on the website. We have set up new signs on the roadways that can be easily updated each month. This helps reduce costs and prevents theft. Many people in the group are new and we started the group in April to keep people informed about the city. We are not affiliated with any political party and support the common citizen."

  2. Emergency management, Disasters, Alert warning, Misinformation (00:01:59 - 00:33:11)
    The Director of the Emergency Management Department introduced himself and discusses the department's responsibilities, ongoing initiatives, and coordination efforts with power companies. They emphasize the importance of obtaining information from trusted sources and discuss challenges in communicating accurate information. The speaker also talks about the county's role in overseeing the EMS system, resources and equipment available, and the role of the emergency operations center. 

  3. Office of Emergency Management, Preparedness, Emergency operations plan, March 2024 election (00:33:11 - 01:01:04)
    The City of Riverside's Office of Emergency Management, led by Philip Chelsy, focuses on community preparedness and offers classes and resources to help residents be prepared for emergencies. They work in collaboration with other organizations, such as the fire department and National Weather Service, to provide training and support. 

  4. ballots, voting, residential housing, retail (01:01:22 - 01:33:15)The transcript discusses a range of topics including harvesting guidelines for ballots, a proposed development project for a Kmart site, concerns about residential development, parking issues, and the need for more three-bedroom apartments. The office is currently preparing for the upcoming elections in March 2024 in Riverside County, including forming a management team, setting up ballot drop-off locations and vote centers, and providing language services for Spanish, Vietnamese, and Chinese speakers. They will also conduct public outreach and educational opportunities, including practicing with historical ballots. The speakers suggest organizing a group and proposing alternative projects that benefit the community. It is mentioned that retail stores might not be interested in the area and the possibility of light industrial usage is discussed. The importance of gathering community input and conducting research is emphasized. The meeting also touched on topics like voting integrity and earthquake preparedness. Overall, the meeting emphasized the need to take action and work together as a community.

  5. meeting, voting registration, Kmart apartment project, steering committee, environmental report, city council, email sign-up, December 13th, warehouses, Grove project, public comments, final EIR, settlement agreement, sports complex, park, legal action, Farmer Boys, public hearing (01:33:15 - 01:38:55)
    The speaker mentions the importance of voter registration and the opposition to the Kmart apartment project. They discuss scheduling issues and the need for expertise in reading environmental reports. They encourage everyone to join the group and spread the word to their neighbors. They also mention a meeting regarding opposing warehouses and a park settlement agreement.

Potential Actions

  • Review the Kmart project and gather feedback from attendees about the project as it progresses. [1]

  • Assess the effectiveness of the new signs on the roadways and gather feedback from attendees. [2]

  • Consider the possibility of improving security measures for the signs to prevent theft. [3]

  • Continue the group's mission of keeping citizens informed and engaged in city affairs. [4]

  • Encourage new attendees to join future meetings and stay involved with the group's initiatives. [5]

  • Complete the local hazard mitigation plan and ongoing work on the concept of operations for a major earthquake plan. [9][10][11]

  • Develop a mass casualty plan and pediatric surge plan to address critical care for children during emergencies. [12][13][14]

  • Visit to learn more about preparedness and access resources. [21][22][23]

  • Make an emergency plan for yourself and your family, considering specific needs like medication or pets. [24][25][26]

  • Build an emergency kit with necessary supplies, including food, water, and important documents. [27][28][29]

  • Stay informed about local hazards and sign up for alert systems like Riverside Alert and RCO Alert. [30][31][32]

  • Consider taking classes offered by Office of Emergency Management on topics like first aid and disaster response. [33][34][35]

  • Discuss the volunteer election positions in more detail. [37]

  • Provide information about mail ballot procedures. [38]

  • Share details about the local vote centers. [39]

  • Request a 30-day extension to the EIR response period from the city. [41][42][43]

  • Form an EIR technical committee to review the document and identify issues to be addressed. [44][45][46]

  • Propose alternative projects that improve the community without negatively impacting residents. [47][48][49]

  • Submit written ideas, recommendations, and resolutions to the Neighborhood Association. [50][51]

  • Organize and prioritize ideas and assign volunteers to take ownership of specific issues. [52][53][54]

  • Send a letter to City Council expressing opposition to the Kmart apartment project. [55]

  • Encourage neighbors to sign up for email updates and support the cause. [60]

  • Establish an alliance of community groups to facilitate future mailings to the city council. [62]

  • Develop a detailed plan to address the apartment issue and gain support.

  • Encourage neighbors to sign up on the website for updates and engagement. [63]

  • Explore potential partnerships to enhance efforts. [64]

  • Remain proactive and attend other community group meetings. [65]


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